A unique option for Aluflam interior vision wall and curtain wall systems is the use of fire-rated butt joint glazing in a perimeter frame. The fire-rated glass units are lined up vertical edge to vertical edge within the perimeter frame and the narrow joint is built up on site using factory supplied intumescent edge tapes and approved sealants.

The end result is a continuous glass wall – similar to non-rated product solutions.

As with all Aluflam fire-rated aluminum systems, the clear fire-rated glass is manufactured in the United States. The glazing meets the requirements for fire resistance rated (ASTM E 119) assemblies and is required to block flame as well as restrict heat transfer for the rated time period. To achieve this, the glass units are constructed of multiple clear glass panes separated by clear, solid intumescent interlayers. In the case of fire, the interlayers will react to the heat exposure and protect the glass while also limiting the transfer of heat through the glass unit.

The outboard lites are tempered, greatly reducing the risk of breakage during transport and installation.

All glass products supplied with Aluflam systems meet impact safety ratings per CPSC 16C Part 1201 (Categories I & II)

Series VW-EI60/FW-EI60 CW-EI60 CW2-EI60 CW-EI120
Fire rating 60 min. 60 min. 60 min. 120 min.
Max. glass area (per lite) 7,574 in2 7,574 in2 7,574 in2 4,536 in2
Max. exposed glass height 138-1/2 in. 138-1/2 in. 138-1/2 in. 126 in.
Max. window height 143-3/8 in. 142-1/2 in. 142-1/2 in. 130-3/4 in.
Fire-rated glass weight 14 lbs/ft2 14 lbs/ft2 14 lbs/ft2 22.5 lbs/ft2