Fire Rated Aluminum Window & door Systems
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Fire-Rated Aluminum Window, Wall, and Door Systems

Fire-rated Aluminum Glazing Systems

Aluflam has mastered what was long considered impossible—using aluminum frames for fire rated glazing applications. Although traditional aluminum is not known for its fire resistant properties, Aluflam’s patented technology that combines insulated aluminum framing and laminated glass make it a proven reality.

With extruded and filled aluminum profiles, Aluflam also offers the ultimate in aesthetics. Unlike hollow metal frames, Aluflam’s frames are narrow, sharp, and blend much better with existing non-rated designs. Additionally, finishing options include a wide range of anodized colors.

Storefront & Windows
Curtain Walls
Swinging Doors

Aluflam products are the preferred choice for glazing contractors. Forget assembly of steel profiles—Aluflam frames are delivered as completed units—factory finished, pre-drilled and ready for installation.

Extensively tested and approved, Aluflam systems are available worldwide, and deliver an unbeatable combination of safety, aesthetics, and design flexibility.