Aluminum framing designs are available in a multitude of finish options. Consider the following:

  • Anodizing

    Our basic, but probably the most pristine finish is satin clear anodize. Aluminum profiles are textured prior to the clear anodizing process, which results in a smooth non-directional finish – and the true feeling of Aluminum. We also offer traditional colored anodize finishes such as dark bronze, medium bronze, black, champagne and others.

  • Powder coating

    The powder coating process is gaining popularity due to its environmentally friendly character. Our approved finishes are processed from leading suppliers of powders for architectural products. This includes finishes with extended warranties.

  • Liquid painting

    To meet special specification requirements, we also offer liquid painting such as 50% and 70% fluoropolymer coatings on all our window and door systems.

All finishing is done before fabrication to assure ultimate adhesion and finish quality, and stringent quality control guidelines are followed throughout the process.

Please contact us for further information about finishes and color availability.