The design requirements for the windows at Texas Christian University, Neeley School of Business, proved to be challenging.

But no task too tough for the Special Op’s department at Aluflam!

First – a continuous 10′ tall – 60 minute rated wall around a 36′ diameter atrium.  The circumference was divided up into 36 equal segments, which then dictated the width of each glass unit and the length and intersecting angle of each frame section.  Aluflam’s 60 minute storefront framing was used in a clear anodized finish.

The installers at Alliance Glass and Mirror did a fantastic job piecing it all together:

Texas Christian University - Neeley School of Business

Texas Christian University - Neeley School of Business

Secondly, the scope included a 6′ diameter circular window, which was a first for Aluflam.  The AF85 framing system in mill finish can be stretch formed.  We hadn’t gone to that tight of a radius before, but succeeded in our mission.  Two half-circles were formed and joined into a true circular shape.  The semi-finished result below:

The window was installed on the interior behind a larger non-rated exterior facade: